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Jan Håfström (1937-) Sweden

Jan Håfström is a Swedish artist whose breakthrough came in the 1960s with his Neorealist style. Since then, he has gained an increasingly influential role on the Swedish art scene as a painter, draftsman and sculptor, but also as a prominent writer and art critic. In contrast to Ola Billgren, for example, Håfström’s Neorealism features imagery with magical overtones that acknowledge the mysteriousness of the familiar being transformed into something alien. The aesthetic is similar to the emerging pop art of the 1960s, and the exploration of the concept of time is a regularly recurring theme of Håfström’s work. He masterfully conjures parallel universes strongly permeated by time as memory, and the bygone era in which comic book characters the Phantom and Mr. Walker portray the struggle between good and evil in several works.

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