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Japanese Porcelain

With over 30,000 years of history, Japan has accumulated a rich cultural heritage influenced by both the Eastern and Western worlds. One of the focal points of the nation's culture is traditional Japanese art, which encompasses a number of art forms: pottery, textiles, ink painting, sculpture, origami, calligraphy and many others. Ceramic craft is one of the country's oldest practices, with a variety of distinct styles emerging throughout Japan's extensive history. Whilst Japanese earthenware is created in natural, 'earthy' colours, porcelain is vibrantly-coloured and highly-executed - as demonstrated by Arita ware. Arita ware is produced in a variety of colours and designs, with one of the most iconic styles being the blue-and-white decoration. Common designs for porcelain include landscape scenes, floral and vegetal patterns, and animals or mythical creatures.

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