Marianne Brandt (1893-1983) Germany

Marianne Brandt was a German painter, sculptor and designer. Brant is well known for her modern industrial designed metal lamps, ashtrays and teapots. In 1911, she studied art at a private art school in Weimer and shortly after at the Hochschule für Bildende Kunsthalle Weimar (today called the Bauhaus University Weimar). In 1924, Brandt then began studying art and design at the Bauhaus School in Weimer. There, Brandt worked together with designer László Moholy-Nagy in the school's metal workshop, where she later took over as the director of the metal workshop in 1928.
Brandt also started various design partnerships with the companies Körtig & Mathiesen AG and Schwintzer & Graff. Meanwhile, Brandt also collaborated with several other designers and designed lamps and lighting for mass production. Brandt later became director of the design department at Ruppelwerk Metallwarenfabrik until 1932, and then taught art at different art schools in Germany. In December 2007, her teapot MT 49 was sold for the record-breaking sum of 361 000 US dollars at the auction house Sotheby's Bauhaus auction.

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