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Nathalia Edenmont (1970-) Sweden

Nathalia Edenmont was born in Yalta, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union in 1970. She is a Swedish-Ukrainian photographer and has lived in Stockholm since 1991. Edenmont attended an art school for children in Yalta, where her studies included art, music and ballet. She moved to Stockholm in 1991 and studied graphic design at Forsbergs Skola. Edenmont’s work occasionally includes photographs of dead animals, flowers, and more, and is considered controversial. She has been censured by animal activists, who see her work as a cheap and ghastly way to capture attention. Edenmont presently lives with a protected identity. Masked men came to one of her exhibitions and destroyed SEK 150,000 worth of artwork. The men were Nazis who saw her work as communist. Edenmont takes inspiration from her experiences and the places she has been. Through her work, she hopes to expose the double standards present in our society.