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New York School

The New York School was an informal art movement of poets, painters and musicians starting out in the 1940’s. Influenced by surrealism, the avant garde movement, improvisatory and experimental theater and music, the members of the New York School took great part in developing abstract expressionism as an art movement.

Articles related to New York School

Georgia O’Keeffe’s Flower Power

Torn between figuration and abstraction, and famous for her huge and notoriously ambiguous flowers, Georgia O’Keeffe is a founding figure of modernism in 20th-century American painting. While her works keep beating records in the United States, the artist, who died in 1986 in New Mexico at the age of 98 years, has since been rediscovered in Europe, 'revisited' as an authentic face of America.


Basquiat, the radiant child

Despite a career that lasted only a decade, Jean Michel Basquiat succeeded in influencing the American art scene in a way that few others managed to do. His powerful forms of expression, full of symbolism, texts and stick figures whose critical motives were directed against the commercialization and racist structures of America in the 1980's are as relevant today as when Basquiat was at the peak of his career.


Warhol, the Pope of Pop still on top

It’s an understatement to say that Andy Warhol’s works sparked controversy. In the same way that Duchamp’s urinal and other Dada or surrealist installations, presented as artworks, provoked some to cry foul while others applauded the arrival of contemporary art, Warhol divided the public.