The metal alloy pewter has been used by humans for thousands ofyears for a number of different purposes. Early uses from antiquity onwards include tableware, vases, lamps, candlesticks and other household items. From around the 1600s, pewter became a common material for drinking vessels, such as tankards, steins, jugs and mugs. In more recent times, the alloy has become a popular choice for decorative items, including figurines, miniatures, frames, mirrors and jewellery boxes. Pewter is also used for costume jewellery items like earrings and necklaces to provide a 'silver' finish, as well as its durable but malleable qualities, which allow the creation of intricate shapes and designs. 

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Svenskt Tenn: The Hub of Swedish Interior Design

The centre of Stockholm's interior design or a stronghold of the Swedish bourgeoisie? Perhaps Svenskt Tenn is both. One thing is for sure – Svenskt Tenn was anything but conventional when it started in 1924. Today, Svenskt Tenn is a player to be reckoned with when it comes to Swedish, colourful and high-quality interior design.


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