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For a century, Swiss watch manufacturer, Rado, has produced revolutionary timepieces using high-tech materials and design. Founded by brothers Ernst and Werner Fritz in the early 20th century, the brand gained commercial success in the 1950s with the release of iconic models. The 'Green Horse' model, released in 1958, was popular due to its water-resistant qualities combined with sleek design. Perhaps the most memorable Rado model is the 'Diastar'; initally sold in the early 1960s, the watch was, and still is, coveted for its immense durability, being marketed as the first-ever scratch proof watch. Today, the brand continues to lead innovation in watchmaking; in 2011, the 'True Thinline' was introduced, an ultra-thin ceramic wristwatch measuring a mere 5mm. The 'eSenza' model has also been celebrated for its technology, using touch rather than a traditional crown to adjust time and date settings.