Royal Crown Derby

Established in 1750, Royal Crown Derby claims to be the oldest active porcelain manufacturer in England. Despite its roots in British manufacturing history, Royal Crown Derby was in fact founded by the son of a Huguenot immigrant, André Planché. Together with porcelain painter William Duesbury, Planché produced fine figurines which brought the pair commercial success. Duesbury took control of the company, launching tableware and dinner services whilst continuing to manufacture the figurines which first made the Derby factory a success. The company continued to grow and prosper, opening a factory and showroom in London during the 1770s, as well as receiving the royal warrant from Queen Victoria during the late 19th century. Over its extensive history, Royal Crown Derby has created a number of popular patterns, designs and collections. One of the most coveted is the Old Imari pattern, launched in the early 1800s and admired for its Japanese-inspired floral designs.

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