Seiko Watches

In 1881, Kintaro Hattori, a young Japanese entrepreneur, opened a watch retailer and repairers in Tokyo. The success of this shop enabled Hattori to open his own factory just over a decade later, producing wall clocks and pocket watches throughout the 1890s. Though his traditional timekeeping products were extremely popular, Hattori wished to demonstrate his horological innovation, leading to his creation of Japan's first wristwatch - the 'Laurel'. Continuing this trend of invention, the Seiko brand went on to release the world's first quartz watch, the 'Seiko Quartz Astron', in 1969. Having developed and improved the quartz watch to offer new features, such as 6 digit LCD displays and precise chronographs, Seiko began work on other projects. Amongst these projects was the UC-2000; released in 1984, it was marketed as a 'wearable computer', equipped with functions to store data. Although Seiko continues to release new models with impressive features, their vintage watches remain popular amongst collectors. 

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The Finesse of the Wristwatch

Initially regarded as a prestigious piece of jewellery, only suitable for the crowned heads of the world, today watches are worn on the wrist all across the world. Practical, fashionable and always evolving, this is the history of the wristwatch.

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