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Stina Brockman (1951-) Sweden

Swedish photographer Stina Brockman studied at the Royal Institute of Art and the University College of Arts, Crafts & Design in Stockholm.
Throughout her career, she has focused on identity and the human body and had already received recognition for her portraits in the 1970s. Her close-up study of the body instill Brockman's images with a sense of intimacy and desire. She has also been referred to as an intimist because she stays so close to the subject that sheis photographing. Brockman’s photos can also be characterized by sharp areas in contrast with blurred areas.
Brockman has had several exhibitions in Sweden, including at Kulturhuset and Moderna Museet, as well as abroad. Brockman’s work is represented at Moderna Museet, the Hasselblad Foundation and at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.