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Yves Klein (1928–1962) France

Yves Klein was a French painter, sculptor and performance artist. Klein was considered to be one of the leading figures of postwar avant-gardism and became known for his large monochrome paintings. Klein developed his own blue color which is referred to as International Klein Blue (IKB). He first held an exhibition with the color IKB in 1957, which subsequently came to be the dominant color in his future works.
Klein also engaged in performance art; a painting called Anthropometries was created by female models covered with IKB paint who used their bodies as paintbrushes on the canvas.

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The Colours of Controversy

Colour can be considered to be primarily a phenomenon related to visual perception when it comes to art, but it’s a little bit more complicated than that. The discovery, the creation, and even the appropriation of a new colour are all things that can revolutionize, or on the contrary, scandalize. Here are four particular colours that have made waves throughout the art world.


The Klaus J. Jacobs Collection: Take two

The first part of the estate of coffee entrepreneur Klaus J. Jacobs had a 100% sell through rate last week at auction house Lempertz, Cologne. Next week, more coffee-related works by major artists will be part of the Modern Art auction.


Warhol, the Pope of Pop still on top

It’s an understatement to say that Andy Warhol’s works sparked controversy. In the same way that Duchamp’s urinal and other Dada or surrealist installations, presented as artworks, provoked some to cry foul while others applauded the arrival of contemporary art, Warhol divided the public.