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Arts & Graphics

Contemporary, Modern, Post-War, Old Masters and more works of art

21 513 objects

0 – 13 900 000 GBP

What's the time?

Watches for men and women, pocket watches, grandfather clocks, wall clocks and table clocks can be found up for auction in this category.

4 998 objects

1 – 75 500 GBP

Fashion & Vintage

Here you will find auctions featuring clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and headwear, from vintage gems to high-fashion luxury items.

2 116 objects

4 – 18 500 GBP

Furniture, Design & Mirrors

Furniture including sofas, bureaus, and chairs, as well as large outdoor furniture is listed here.

10 882 objects

1 – 3 510 000 GBP


Photography books, original photography and more.

2 134 objects

8 – 276 000 GBP

Jewellery & Gems

Barnebys gathers jewellery from auction houses all over the world here.

16 970 objects

1 – 353 000 GBP


All sculptures sold at auction. Find works of art for example sculptures and busts in bronze, marble, plastics or plaster.

25 644 objects

2 – 99 300 000 GBP

Toys & Collectables

Find realised prices from auctions of toys and collectables such as dolls, Dinky cars, trains from Meccano and autographs from celebrities.

528 501 objects

1 – 2 460 000 GBP

Vehicles & Automotive

Browse amongst car auctions such as, classic cars, motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds, tractors and all things motorized. All sold at auction.

107 754 objects

1 – 24 400 000 GBP


Classic portraits, contemporary photography is all gathered here. Find realised prices from well known photographers and artists.

49 649 objects

4 – 1 130 000 GBP

Porcelain & Pottery

Find Chinese ceramics, plates, antique vases, figurines made of porcelain, flint, stoneware or faience that has been sold at auction.

317 032 objects

1 – 5 020 000 GBP

Works of Art

This is were we collect all works of art sold at auction such as, hand crafted mahogney boxes, busts and small sculptures.

9 826 objects

4 – 5 180 000 GBP

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Andy Warhol arrives in Oxford

Over 100 works by Andy Warhol are being exhibited at Oxford's Ashmolean Museum in the exhibition entitled Andy Warhol: Works from the Hall Collection.

Art & Luxury News

Rare painting by Glasgow artist returns home after a century

A rare painting by one of Glasgow's most famous artists is returning to the city following 120 years overseas.

Auction House News

Plate it up this Pancake Day

Are yours fluffy and thick, piled high with maple syrup, bacon, or do you go for an elegant Crêpe Suzette, or perhaps you stick to a good old fashioned thin and crispy one with plenty of sugar and lemon. However you take your pancakes, Barnebys has the perfect plates.

Trends, Inspirations and Interiors

London Fashion Week celebrates 40 years

In the sixties, Tony Porter was the name in fashion PR in London. Unable to believe that London, one of the world's hubs for fashion, did not have an event for journalists and buyers, in the same way Paris and Milan, Porter founded what is today's London Fashion Week.

Trends, Inspirations and Interiors

''I had a lot of dates but I decided to stay home and dye my eyebrows'' - Andy Warhol

Whether you share the same sentiments about Valentine's Day as Andy Warhol, or you're more of a romantic with all the best lines like Picasso, who once said ''Love is the greatest refreshment in life,'' there's no escaping all the hearts and flowers.

Trends, Inspirations and Interiors

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