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Fashion & Vintage

Find here vintage fashion, textiles and accessories

15 619 objects

0 – 52 000 GBP

Watches & Clocks

From wristwatches, to grandfather clocks and pocket watches, it's all here

24 844 objects

0 – 215 000 GBP


Here you will find all kind of sculptures.

6 804 objects

0 – 399 000 GBP


Collectible designer furniture including sofas, desks and chairs.

37 522 objects

0 – 238 000 GBP


Find here all types of ceramics.

15 376 objects

0 – 326 000 GBP

Jewellery & Gems

From earrings, to rings, bracelets and necklaces, it's all here

73 954 objects

0 – 159 000 GBP


All sculptures sold at auction. Find works of art for example sculptures and busts in bronze, marble, plastics or plaster.

39 027 objects

0 – 113 000 000 GBP

Toys & Collectables

Find realised prices from auctions of toys and collectables such as dolls, Dinky cars, trains from Meccano and autographs from celebrities.

250 638 objects

0 – 829 000 GBP

Vehicles & Automotive

Browse amongst car auctions such as, classic cars, motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds, tractors and all things motorized. All sold at auction.

73 767 objects

0 – 22 500 000 GBP


Classic portraits, contemporary photography is all gathered here. Find realised prices from well known photographers and artists.

112 751 objects

0 – 4 350 000 GBP

Porcelain & Pottery

Find Chinese ceramics, plates, antique vases, figurines made of porcelain, flint, stoneware or faience that has been sold at auction.

489 667 objects

0 – 27 300 000 GBP

Works of Art

This is were we collect all works of art sold at auction such as, hand crafted mahogney boxes, busts and small sculptures.

43 objects

180 – 35 600 GBP

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How Chris Levine captured ''the most beautiful'' image of the Queen

We discover the story behind Chris Levine's The Lightness of Being, one of the most majestic portraits of Queen Elizabeth II.

Art & Luxury News

Cesar Saldivar and the stars of Mexican cinema

Born in 1965, Mexican photographer Cesar Saldivar career has included photographing Hollywood's brightest to using his talents for good and capturing the plight of children around the world.

Art & Luxury News

Elegant Bulgari watch sold

Last October, a British collector sent in a beautiful Bulgari. The piece was sold just a month later at Fellows Watch sale.

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The Year of the Dog: Five moments Chinese art made auction history

This year, 16th February marks Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dog. To celebrate we have compiled some of the most exciting moments that Chinese art was sold in modern auction history.

Auction House News

Rachel Whiteread's Flat pack house inside the $1 billion US Embassy in London

A new public art work by British artist Rachel Whiteread will be unveiled at the new US Embassy when it opens next week on 16th January.

Art & Luxury News

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