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Fashion & Vintage

Auctions featuring clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and headwear are gathered here. You can find vintage clothing and fashionable handbags, lighters and sunglasses from the largest fashion houses all

2 285 objects

4 – 46 300 GBP

Watches & Clocks

Watches for men and women, pocket watches, grandfather clocks, wall clocks and table clocks can be found up for auction in this category. You can find vintage watches as well as fashionable design wat

5 358 objects

1 – 661 000 GBP

Art, Painting & Graphics

Art auctions with paintings from ancient times to today are gathered under this category

21 407 objects

0 – 3 970 000 GBP

Furniture, Design & Mirrors

Furniture including sofas, bureaus, and chairs, as well as large outdoor furniture is listed here

9 328 objects

1 – 7 940 000 GBP

Silver & Gold

In this category are items of gold and silver

5 403 objects

0 – 143 000 GBP

Jewellery & Gems

Barnebys gathers jewellery from auction houses all over the world here. Beautiful necklaces, rings, bracelets earrings and dress jewellery are in the category

17 466 objects

0 – 9 470 000 GBP


All sculptures sold at auction. Find works of art for example sculptures and busts in bronze, marble, plastics or plaster.

20 860 objects

2 – 15 300 000 GBP

Toys & Collectables

Find realised prices from auctions of toys and collectables such as dolls, Dinky cars, trains from Meccano and autographs from celebrities.

453 177 objects

1 – 2 330 000 GBP

Vehicles & Automotive

Browse amongst car auctions such as, classic cars, motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds, tractors and all things motorized. All sold at auction.

96 173 objects

1 – 21 700 000 GBP


Classic portraits, contemporary photography is all gathered here. Find realised prices from well known photographers and artists.

39 578 objects

4 – 898 000 GBP

Porcelain & Pottery

Find Chinese ceramics, plates, antique vases, figurines made of porcelain, flint, stoneware or faience that has been sold at auction.

263 608 objects

1 – 4 030 000 GBP

Works of Art

This is were we collect all works of art sold at auction such as, hand crafted mahogney boxes, busts and small sculptures.

6 914 objects

5 – 0 GBP

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The Other Art Fair 2015

London's The Other Art Fair features 130 emerging artists all showcasing their talents to collectors and art dealers as well as first time buyers.

Art & Luxury News

Jasper Johns' ex-assistant sentenced to prison for stealing paintings

James Mayer, the former assistant to Jasper Johns has been sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to stealing artworks from his former boss.

Art & Luxury News

Incredible lost bronze found at Scottish Borders' house sells for £386 500

A bronze by baroque master Massimiliano Soldani-Benzi has sold for a whopping £386 500.

Auction House News

‘Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid’: The End of the Election Poster?

As the 7th May draws near a schmorgasboard of red, green, blue, yellow and purple battle buses rush across the British Isles attempting to persuade a forlorn electorate of their party's political message in order to garner support and push their particular vision of a future Britain. 

Philip Smith

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