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Since 1898, Orrefors in the Swedish village of the same name has manufactured high-quality glass. The earliest products from the glassworks were humbler items like window glass and bottles, made for household use as well as medical and technical. With a change in ownership by 1913, Orrefors concentrated on household items, including decorative and drink wares. The company also ventured into crystal and art glass production. During the company's extensive history, notable artists and designers have collaborated with Orrefors, including Erika Lagerbielke and fashion design icon, Karl Lagerfeld. Orrefors has created a vast number of timeless designs and continues to do so; some of the most popular collections include 'Glacial' vases and bowls, 'Discus' candle holders, 'More' drinking glasses, 'Sofiero' decanters, 'Carat' candlesticks, 'Plaza' picture frames and 'Street' ashtrays.