Waterford Crystal

In 1783, George and William Penrose set up a flint glass manufacturers in the Irish city of Waterford; despite the products being celebrated and shipped abroad, the company faced substantial difficulties and ceased production in 1851. Almost a century later in 1947, the glass trade in Waterford was revived by Czech immigrant, Charles Bacik, who founded a crystal factory in the area. One of Bacik's recruits, Miroslav Havel, studied the pattern books created by the original flint glass factory, taking influence from these earlier designs. The company prospered and expanded in the decades that followed, manufacturing vases, glasses, bowls, decanters, ashtrays, lighting and other fine items for the household. Popular lines include the classic 'Colleen' collection and fashion designer John Rocha's various collection for the household. The elegant chandeliers created by Waterford Crystal can be found in landmarks across the world, including Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle.

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