Podcast Ep #40 Forgery: Art's Hidden Facade

In this episode, Tony Tetro, the famous American forger, and Giampiero Ambrosi, author of the biography "Con/Artist" which traces the career of Tony Tetro, will reveal the truths behind art forgery.

#40 Forgery: Art's Hidden Facade. Photo © Barnebys Group
#40 Forgery: Art's Hidden Facade. Photo © Barnebys Group

This week: To delve deep into the world of art forgery, who better to ask than one of the most famous art forgers? In this episode, we are joined by two remarkable guests: famous L.A. art forger Tony Tetro, and Giampiero Ambrosi, the distinguished journalist and author of the gripping biography, Con/Artist, which chronicles Tony's journey. Explore the world of art forgery as Tony Tetro shares his story and experiences and the techniques that allowed him to emulate the strokes of history's greatest artists. Giampiero Ambrosi, who penned Tony's biography, will provide intriguing insights into the psychology of an art forger and the behind-the-scenes details of writing Con/Artist. Whether you are an art enthusiast, a history buff, or simply captivated by tales of intrigue, join us as we explore the triumphs, pitfalls and evolution of art forgery. 

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