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For the Love of Givenchy

The French couturier Hubert de Givenchy pioneered sophisticated yet effortless elegance as the father of the little black dress, debuted by his most famous muse Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

André Masson: Risk Taker

The French artist André Masson’s approach to art was an ‘automatic’ one – that with no preconceived subject or composition in mind.

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Atypical Wonders: Daring Jewels

Every jeweller, whatever his or her material or style, is at the border between an accessory and a work of art. The pieces in this forthcoming auction are superlative masterpieces, objects that tell stories, demonstrate ideas, and reflect the emotions of their creators.

The 14 Most Expensive Female Artists

While no woman is on the list of the all-time most expensive artists at auction – yet – works by female artists are more in demand and achieving higher prices at auction than ever before. Here are the 14 priciest female artists.

The Influence of Punk - Madonna in the 1980s

At any '80s' themed party today there will always be these types of characters: a guy dressed in the Top Gun jumpsuit, about ten people dressed in neon lycra and always at least one person adorned with pearls, fishnet tights and a scrunchie emulating the classic 'Madonna' look of the 1980s.

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